Hedgehog Names: 388 Best Names For Hedgehog

So you’ve chosen this sweet little nocturnal creature to make a family out of. First things first, CONGRATULATIONS!! on this win-win situation. Hedgehogs are a great pet despite the debates going on all around about whether they are an ideal match for humans or not. They are responsible, calming and their intelligence makes their presence extra sweet. All this literally constitutes the best characteristics you need in a pet.

Unlike most of the pets, their tendency to keep themselves clean really is an upside of adopting a pet like a hedgehog. They are also known for their love for nightlife, they are nocturnal (as mentioned earlier) which means they adore sleeping in day time but get super active at night. They also love food and who we mean, who DOESN’T? So if you’re a foodie, you have got a great friend in them.

On that note well, Let’s move further and get you some real and information about what you actually got on this website for.

THE NAMES! Isn’t it ironic everything we relate to, or come to know, tends to have an identity of their own. Names play a very crucial part in the existence of human relations.

Well! Well! Well! Your tiny friend deserves a cute, charming name of their own as well. As a pet owner, after all, it is your moral obligation to do all that you can to make their soul dance out of joy. Nothing makes your pet happier than you considering or welcoming them as a part of your community.

Through this article we’ll be sharing everything about naming your pet hedgy. Be it answering why should you name your pet in the first place to providing some of our best suggestions and finally guiding you to things you need to keep in mind while naming your hedgehog.

Starting off with some general name suggestions

Hedgehog Names

Here Are Names Suggestions for your Hedgehog

  • Joy : Hedgies are very fun and lively creatures. This name compliments their persona just the right way.
  • Quill : This is a great recommendation based on their quill like appearance.
  • Huffy : rhymes to the word puffy and reminds of their squeaky outlook.
  • Thorn : a name based on their cute little spikes.
  • Turbo : these little troublemaker can run and swirl around so fast and oh! by the way the name SWIRL is a good catch as well.
  • Penny : A name that suits their tiny, little body structure.
  • Hazel : Give this name to your ever gorgeous hedgy.
  • Zuri : A ninja like name for energetic and athletic hedgehog
  • Clover : A moderate, classy name suiting the best for these peacemakers.
  • Chip : A quick name with good undertone.
  • Twix : for you sweet and sugary natured hedgy.
  • Butterball : perfect name for their smooth skin.
  • Dizzy : Fits perfectly if your hedgy runs a lot.
  • Prickles : for the cute – cunning nature of you hedgehog.
  • Sonic : will suite your noisy hedgehog well.
  • Zoey : sounds like a classic, obedient name.
  • Eddie : a fun name pulled together cutely.
  • Willow : One of the most popular names for pets
  • Brooke : for a sophisticated hedgehog
  • Texa : unique and uncommon name for your hedgehog.
  • Tiffany : name of a rapper, inspired by pop culture.
  • Leo : a courageous name for a brave hedgy.
  • Patrick : interesting name for smart pets.
  • Buck : the friendly and holistic type
  • Casper : for ‘popular’ in the group kinda hedgehogs
  • Ginger : perfect name for their warm nature and dusky colour.
  • Luna : eye catchy name with sweet undertone to it.
  • Gracie : a graceful name for your sweet pet.
  • Selena : another pop culture inspired name with a tinge of love to it.
  • Rudy : for the introvert hedgehogs that don’t accommodate well with crowds.
  • Peaches : adorable name for you aw – dorable ones.
  • Obie : the ones who are unique and caring.
  • Snuggles : because they are a perfect fit to snuggle with.
  • Bonnie : One for the cute physique and loving tendencies.
  • Allie : simple, fun and attractive name.
  • Zen : a name that channels good energy.
  • Snobby : quite a catch for your picky hedgehog.
  • Rebel : for the tiny geniuses who like to be extra brave.
  • Breeze : just a reminder of how soothing your hedgehog to your life is.
  • Ashley : catchy and popular name.
  • Brisby : the ones who are a bit serious and loner.
  • Nugget : if you love nuggets, you gotta name them this.
  • Cheetos : special name and special snack.
  • Cody : for the trustworthy and cozy people,
  • Mario : aren’t we all familiar to this game, this name gives you a feeling of nostalgia
  • Ralph : a popular anime character.
  • Marv : for the catchy ones.
  • Sofia : a popular disney princess.
  • Oscar : a very popular name for your extremely popular pet.
  • Pedro : a name in the language of Spanish, tough as rock.
  • Brisby : for serious and lonely types
  • Beetles : Beetles are one rare of an insect, so if you consider your hedgies rare and special, this might be the name for you.
  • Diesel : for a fun, loving and kind natured hedgehog.
  • Hook : if you’re hedge has got you hooked and you just can’t get over them, this is exactly what you need to name them.
  • Titan : a Poweful name for a powerful hedgehog.
  • Dash : Another speedy name for your fast Partner.
  • Belle : belle is a disney star, just a perfect name for your princess like hedgehog.
  • Kiara : Kiara is a sophisticated name for your super trendy one.
  • Blueberry : Blueberry is a best kind of name if your hedgehog keeps switching between being nice and sarcastic.
  • Apricot : apricot is a warm shaded fruit, complementing the tone of your hedgehog.
  • Chico : another sweet and fruity name for your chic hedgehog.
  • Jane : After the name of Jane Austen a popular Literature Writer.
  • Olivia : emerging pop culture inspired name.
  • Ivory : ivory denotes crystal white.
  • Puff : a food inspired name.
  • Arrow : Arrow is suitable name for the hair texture of your pets’ hair.
  • Fudge : Brown brown brownie, for hazel toned hedgy.
  • Snuffle : Snuffle the best name for your cuddly hedgehog.
  • Walt : After great cartoonist, Walt Disney.
  • Rupert : it gives a unique, classic vibe.
  • Iris : a contemporary name for your modern day pet.
  • Sylvia : after the infamous writer and poet Sylvia Plath.
  • Florence : Florence is a beautiful name for your night bird.
  • Stella : an inter – galactic name for your shiny, bright star.
  • Eva : suits decent, little female hedgehog pet
  • : water-ship down, inspired name
  • Doro : Doro is a different yet tangy name.
  • Buttercup : Cute, smooth to pronounce.
  • Winnie : inspired by in famous cartoon character “Winnie the Pooh.”
  • Nutella : who doesn’t love it? Just like who doesn’t love your pet.
  • Snowball : isn’t that the coziest name ever?
  • Bristle : for your flaky ones with bristles.
  • Hannah : slightly edged name.
  • Hope : do you see them as a hope of your life as well? Perfect then name them this.
  • Nia : adorable name, after a welsh dessert.
  • Gem : a rare intoxicating name.
  • Dixie : magical, beautiful and simple.
  • : a name meaning brook
  • Domino : great name for a hedgehog with white fur and dark spikes.
  • Chase : a french name, meaning skilled hunter.
  • Frankie : some who is noble and fun.
  • Jed : beloved of God.
  • Knox : Scottish name meaning “ a round – topped hill”
  • Nash : an Irish name meaning ‘ash at the tree’
  • Parker : a name filled with fun
  • Parsley: a herb, refreshing name with uniqueness to it.
  • Zedd : pop name, inspired by an infamous singer.
  • Oak : name of a tree with warm shaded bark, matching the body color of hedgehogs.
  • Tennessee : classic name comes from a whiskey brand.
  • Venice : Italian name, meaning full of canals.

Well! Well! Well! The discussion doesn’t stop here, there’s obviously more to the story yet, but before we suggest some more interesting names, let’s answer to one of the most arose question about naming the hedgehogs.

Why Do You Need A Name For Your Pet?

Humans tend to name everything they connect to or relate with, henceforth the basic idea would be to feel a sense of connection or relationship your pet, beside that there are plenty and more reasons as to why ‘names are an essential’.

Establishes order : For any relationship to work and carry forward itself well, an order or something that commands well is needed. In general as well, you cannot call your hedgehog all the time by its original specie name. It is crucial ( especially when it comes to the fact that you’re training them to be with you.) Learning a name would make it ten times easier for them to grasp upon these things.

Initiates Control : In your training, a major thing that helps pets to learn what you want them to learn is discipline. Without an established name, they wouldn’t be able to quite comprehend your way of communication skills.

A pathway to communication : Now that we’re talking about communicating and grasping upon human language, this is exactly where names play a crucial part, they are the first sounds you’re introducing your pet with. The quicker they learn them, the more interested they get in listening to and learning more. Names help your pet get comfortable with this accent they are introduced with.

Boost the happy hormones : Ever seen your neighbor friend calling their pet and their expressions changing from being extremely distracted and anxious to that of ‘somewhat relieved and happy’? That is the whole point. Initially their name is the only thing that keeps you two connected, it’s the only sound that makes them want to relate to you. Names play a crucial role in being the connectors as well.

Great recall : Names help your pet to increase their learning abilities and recalling powers. All that hard work you put in them learning their names, in the initial days of adoption will help in long run throughout. After they are confident enough, the grasping power increases gradually and they’ll pick up the upcoming words faster and quicker than you think.

Now that we have learnt why naming your pet is such a prominent task, let’s hop onto some more fun, funky and trendy name suggestions for your tiny, little cute creatures.

144 Hedgehog Names Ideas

  • Hope
  • Scarlet
  • Liberty (derived from statue of Liberty)
  • Blocks
  • Domino (Domino is a trendy name currently)
  • Frill
  • Jake
  • Dell (inspired from an infamous tech company)
  • Rem ( a popular slang used in pop culture)
  • Leaf
  • Biscuit
  • Harley ( Harley Davidson reference)
  • Izzy
  • Nutmeg ( a spice of same shade as hedgehog)
  • Pepper
  • Précis ( french translation of the word precious)
  • Waffles
  • Teacup
  • Fluff
  • Hokey
  • Squeak ( squeaky – meek name)
  • Button ( short, simple yet trendy name)
  • Pizza
  • Blossom
  • Shaggy
  • Clove ( a spice with tinge flavour to it)
  • Pea
  • Trix
  • Rebel ( who knows if they turn out to be one)
  • Jazz ( an infamous dance form for your little hop-scorchers.
  • Twink ( derived from the name Twinkle)
  • Spin
  • Toffee
  • Bagel ( a bread form )
  • Skip ( is a perfect name for your pet hedgy )
  • Olive
  • Zorro
  • Silver ( a sleek name for your hedgehog)
  • Phoenix ( a symbol of learning from scratch)
  • Flash ( a cute, sophisticated name for your cutie – patootie )
  • Keypad
  • Beetle ( is a cute insect and a perfect name for your hedgy)
  • Stubby
  • Lucy
  • Fuse
  • Pretzel ( a bagel like bread )
  • Prickly
  • Muggle
  • Cheese
  • Fudge
  • Comet
  • Hail
  • Jazz
  • Elton
  • Spring
  • Pebbles
  • Vanilla
  • Toast
  • Simba ( from The Lion King : an infamous disney movie )
  • Skip
  • Pat
  • Bill
  • Paris
  • Bridger
  • Pinnochio
  • Marshmellow
  • Will
  • Spice
  • Cosmic
  • Grace
  • Crawley ( great name for slow paced hedgehog)
  • Rio
  • Bowser ( after the dinosaur from ‘Mario franchise’)
  • Max
  • Owen
  • Archie
  • Sadie
  • Violet
  • Leon
  • Sam
  • Nora ( for hedgehogs with sparkly eyes )
  • Calvin ( cute name with moderate tone to it )
  • Eighty ( numerical name yet cool to listen )
  • Clara
  • Ora ( derived from the name of an infamous singer ‘Rita Ora’
  • Eilish
  • Betty
  • Eli
  • Jasper
  • Black ( popular yet classy name )
  • Matt
  • Noah ( cute name; came into trend after a popular Netflix show)
  • Allie
  • Rayen
  • Cent ( we mean who hasn’t listened to fifty cent? )
  • Aubrey
  • Mia
  • Dots
  • Cherlotte
  • Avery
  • Luna

We assure you that you’ll fine some interesting names in this list. For the next part, as we promised here are some tips and points you can keep in your mind while naming your pet Hedgehog

Comprehending their IQ : Each specie has their own distinct way of learning things, in case of animals, they grasp upon the sounds of words and letters narrated to them. Doing your own research on what ways do hedgehogs get trained, what are the most common sounds they pick up on, what name is easier for them to learn and what difficult situations to avoid would really help you in choosing the right fit for your pet.

What clicks : A lot of times what you name them or the name you have chosen for your hedgehog might not be the one that goes well along with them. They sure don’t understand human words the way we do but it’s not about that, it’s about finding the name that induces excitement to know more about this letter play. In such cases, try finding a middle – ground. This will ensure a smooth process throughout.

Be specific about your intentions : Most of the times, we just go through various ideas for the sake if it. Don’t be one of those people who look forward to find one very out of the box, perfect name suggestion without putting efforts. Be specific about genre you want the name related to and the feelings you’re attaching with it.

Take your time : Once of the common most mistakes that people make while naming their pet is rushing things out. You don’t have to give them a name same day as you adopted them. Take your sweet time you’ll be good to go.

Find a name that doesn’t resembles : Now you need to make sure that you name your hedgehog something that isn’t of any resemblance or least resembled with any person you surround yourself with. This ensures that your pet doesn’t fall into a place of commotion internally. Each time you call out their name, they should be clear about the fact that you’re calling them and them only.

Trick – o – treat : Not literally though:p! The point we are trying to make here is, train them with a reward method. Keep one or two nuts handyman each time you’re about to teach them their name and then hand them over their ‘little things.’ This will not only help them learn their name but also motivate them into developing a habit of listening to you. Eventually they will be motivated to learn more and more with less efforts.

Don’t be overwhelmed: There are plenty of choices over the online as well as offline modes. Don’t get perplexed after choosing the name and feel that you’re missing out ( still somehow ) on the best name. We’re not here to chase the perfection, rather make the best out of chosen name. For more clarity keep short listing the names you find the ideal prospects and you’ll be sorted to go with the choices that stick to the end.

Keeping these few, little things in mind would help you go smoother than you think.

Hey! And are we done with suggesting you the best names yet? Probably not yet!

Here Are Some Popular Names Suggestions For Hedgehog

  • Aron : cool, simple and easy to pronounce
  • Mickey
  • Heather : modern, unique and lively name
  • Hike
  • Pears
  • Max
  • Nino : cute and aesthetic
  • Axe
  • Babbles
  • Ash
  • Autumn : best name for a hedgehog with warm body tone
  • Bruno : inspired by popular artist and singer Bruno Mars
  • Audie
  • Aussie
  • Annie : great name for silent hedgehogs
  • Beetle
  • Ben
  • Basil : inspired by a very aromatic herb
  • Birdie
  • Cookies
  • Bingo : cute, friendly and popular name
  • Beauty
  • Bexter
  • Biggie : for the slightly bigger ones from normal sizes
  • Billy
  • Tea
  • Potato
  • Gypsy : a very hypnotic name for the magic your pet carries.
  • Guy
  • Bernie
  • Bible : slightly religious but suits best if you consider them precious
  • Biscuit
  • Beans
  • Bear
  • Benjamin : perfect name for a hedgehog who loves to play around, just like that!
  • Squid : derived from a popular TV show, Squid Games, trendy and youthful
  • Bryce : athletic name with a sporty undertone to it.
  • Paris : classic name and elegance narration.
  • Venom : slightly on the rough edge, suitable name for sharp, smart pets
  • Vienna : different, unique yet captivating
  • Cheddar : a kind of cheese
  • Drake : perfect name for a hedgehog that loves to groove and swirl around.
  • Gaaya : a complimentary name to mother nature, has an earthy tone to it.
  • Cilantro: Spanish translation for ‘coriander’ , great name suggestion, in trends as well.
  • Ray : amazing name for the ‘light’ of your eyes.
  • Grills : rusty kind of name, with tint of boldness
  • Mural : synonym to a model for art, contemporary name
  • Cheeto : fun, American name.
  • Siren : another flaming, popular name
  • Frost : winter – snuggle friendly name:)
  • Shea : extracted from a nut called Shea, great name for all kinds of hedgehogs
  • Snore : comical name, if you’re light hearted
  • Mocha : another food derived name, in trends
  • Estie : great name for female hedgehogs, suits distinct kinds of personality
  • Kia : an all time friendly name, cute and charming
  • Maroon : compliments their shade well, nice to pronounce as well.
  • Pod : lovely name, easy and simple as well.
  • Becky : pop culture inspired name, cool and sleek.
  • Poem : for the writer hearts out there.
  • Dew
  • Cavier (salt – cured roe dish), aesthetic name
  • Cheerio : for the sweet, loving and kind hedgies.
  • Kix (a kind of cereal with fruity fruity flavors)
  • Blake : cute name, sounds smart as well.
  • Maple : a leaf with sharp structure around
  • Miso : mystical Spanish name.
  • Win
  • Chip
  • Braille
  • Charms
  • Frito
  • Brie
  • Caramel
  • Tofu
  • Twix
  • Sprout
  • Scout
  • Collins
  • Nile
  • Tucker ( unique, friendly yet casual name )
  • Sushi
  • Kay
  • Jette
  • Titan
  • Mayo
  • Orion
  • Venus
  • Venice ( name of a beautiful city as well )
  • Bowie
  • Herbie
  • Archer
  • Troop
  • Cony
  • Zeal
  • Victor
  • Clairo
  • Mabel
  • Skyla
  • Whisker
  • Zedd

These were our chosen recommendations for your pet. We are double sure that you’ll find the article of some use to you. Don’t forget to mail or drop your suggestions and thoughts over ‘ What should be the ideal name for a hedgehog?’ Until then we are biding our Goodbye.

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