Fox Names: 425 Popular Names For Pet Fox

Being a proud owner of a pet Fox is pretty dope we must say. Surprisingly enough, foxes share the traits of cats. But that’s not what you’re here for, are you?  Foxes are known for their keen observing senses and clever moves. These are middle-sized omnivores who hold so much power in their intelligence than a usual animal can. Their diet is made up primarily of invertebrates such as insects, small reptiles, and birds. They may also eat eggs and vegetation. Though foxes don’t make that much of a good pet initially because of their ‘into the unknown’, wild and free nature, if taken care of well, they slowly learn to attain the ‘pet’ traits and learn the basics of household, people or social environment they’re put in.

When domesticated from a very young age, it reasonably becomes easier for foxes to be tamed. Through a few experiments, it’s also surfaced that foxes show similarly to domestic dogs when it comes to temperament. Species like Artic Fox, Corsac, Swift, Ruppell, Fennec are widely known for their ‘Pet’ traits and are best fits for domestication. Most fox owners also found that ‘Grey Foxes’ are calmer and friendlier than most of the species mentioned above. To keep them indoors successfully, they will need a space of their own. Giving them a free access to your home literally implies that you’re going to find dig-up carpetsz jagged image of you’re your favourite living room area because foxes love to mark their territory. Giving them their own distinct space will help you set your very first foundation as an owner and will give you a sense of authority.

Another factor that plays a crucial role in this is, what we’re going to discuss today. Some of you might have already guessed it, YES! WE’RE TALKING ABOUT:- NAMES. Naming your pet is the first ownership boundary that you set by you to your pet. It becomes a 100 times sorted to get them through required training after giving them the name. Names are the first connectors, they show pets a way to connect to you and get attached to their owners, and let’s be honest, connections are all we seek as living beings.

It’s also said that the first 6 months are very important for fox training as a pet. This time span decides how much friendly or accepting your pet is going to be in the long run. We recommend opting for a name that helps in securing a good training aid. Our job is to inform you of all the necessary details you need while choosing a name for your fox because that’s how you’ll head towards the next step of your process. Keeping in mind the importance of laying down a firm foundation before everything, here are reasons why you need a good name for your fox in the first place.

Why do you need a Name?

Names are pretty basic requirements of every pet animal, however, the vast majority of people choose to ignore this. They either don’t bother enough to give their pets a name or they are too mainstream with their ideas that they forget the ‘why’s” behind giving a name and end up skipping the pros of giving the pets a good name. Since we don’t want you to end up in the same place, here is a list of advantages a good name will bring you and your pet.

  1. Enhanced Recall:- Pets learn most of their accent through sounds and signs, a good name will help them develop a sense of association with the initial sounds. This also helps me strengthen their memory muscle and jot down various frequencies connected with their names. These sound frequencies can further help in training them rest of the vocabulary during their training.
  2. Emotional Intelligence:- As the title itself suggests, names tend to boost emotions. Think of it from a human perspective, naming something is directly proportional to feeling something about it, good or bad ,it doesn’t matter! Now keeping in mind the fact that foxes are one of the most intuitive and intelligent animal specie on the planet Earth, they understand emotions. When so ever you’ll call your clever, little bundle of joy by their own name, they’ll get stimulated and you will get an easy access to their mind, respectively. Trust is literally what it takes to tame an animal, and what better form to express that honest, pure kind of love than laying a good foundation of your relationship.
  3. Saves Time and Commotion:- Names help your pets to develop a sense of belongingness, you cannot keep reciting ‘Fox’ him/her all the time and taking in consideration that we’ve all got a limited amount of time in a day, you just can’t afford to keep reciting DIFFERENT things to call your one pet. Name saves a lot of energy and time. For your pet, to be called by various things is a lot to take especially in their initial stages of adapting to your lifestyle. So it’s as hasty and commotion- full for them as it is for you.
  4. The catalyst to Self Discovery:- When you pet a wild animal, it becomes ten times tougher to help them make peace with their natural traits. They are genetically inclined to think and act under a ‘SURVIVAL’ mode, a popular trait of survivors is their disconnect with their own characters. Foxes for example, are hardwired to attack and run dynamic. How a name comes to play here is it helps them bring back their self consciousness, they start recognising themselves with something more than just “how their genes or natural Survival Instinct” is. It also helps them to compassionately associate with you because in the end the it was your initiative. Names also help them develop a sense of recognition with themselves, just like a little toddlers in their initial days of recognising their names, think about how excited and all set up they get when they hear it or someone calls them by it. That’s exactly what happens with your pet animal.

With that being said, we know you’d like some spiced-up, unique names for your pet. In case you’re wondering if you need to visit another, separate place to get a few, little suggestions, you’ve got it all wrong.


Fox Names

Here are 300 Names for your pet FOX

  1. Phoebe
  2. Bridge
  3. Hola
  4. Gracy
  5. Charm
  6. Steph
  7. Autumn
  8. Hailey
  9. Rebecca
  10. Jane
  11. Tail
  12. Snooze
  13. Flames
  14. Frankie
  15. Rosie
  16. Arizon
  17. Ginger
  18. Todd
  19. Foxy
  20. Emo
  21. Igloo
  22. Hunter
  23. Otto
  24. Sonic
  25. Spark
  26. Maroon
  27. Scot
  28. Aurora
  29. Polka
  30. Ash
  31. Rose
  32. Ember
  33. Archie
  34. Flinch
  35. Apollo
  36. Potter
  37. Scar
  38. Tuckle
  39. Rusty
  40. Alpha
  41. George
  42. Eve
  43. Ginny
  44. Fizzy
  45. Cooper
  46. Leah
  47. Lavender
  48. Mystic
  49. Redford
  50. Rowan
  51. Comet
  52. Molly
  53. Hope
  54. Robin
  55. Ferris
  56. Elvyn
  57. Apple
  58. Mars
  59. Red
  60. Vesta
  61. Celeste
  62. Lava
  63. Adolf
  64. Adele
  65. Chester
  66. Pipe
  67. Chewy
  68. Misty ( for strong spirited foxes)
  69. Medusa ( the name denotes the mystical gaze)
  70. Jewel
  71. Pheonix ( for ‘the ready to play’ one)
  72. Gazzele
  73. Daisy
  74. Luna
  75. Moon
  76. Selena
  77. Lucky
  78. Lisa
  79. Livia
  80. Mia
  81. Felix
  82. Swiper
  83. Vixey
  84. Story
  85. Rush
  86. Poem
  87. Grizzle
  88. Frost
  89. Timber
  90. Spirit
  91. Dakota
  92. Kara
  93. Noel
  94. Blue
  95. Spruff
  96. Boots
  97. Petals
  98. Jacob
  99. Icy
  100. Pine
  101. Night
  102. Riley
  103. Vanilla
  104. Buttercup
  105. Ramon
  106. Mia
  107. Lenny
  108. Snow
  109. Haze
  110. Jesse
  111. Casper
  112. Mellisa
  113. Paw
  114. Eskimo
  115. Cody
  116. Twig
  117. Ace
  118. Spohie
  119. Roxy
  120. Ollie
  121. Basil
  122. Louie
  123. Harry
  124. Benji
  125. Pepper
  126. Flake
  127. Jasper
  128. Ava
  129. Mimi
  130. Penny
  131. Simon
  132. Theo
  133. Bailey
  134. Amigo
  135. Marley
  136. Dive
  137. Dobby
  138. Stream
  139. Max
  140. Chester
  141. Duke
  142. Frankie
  143. Ernie
  144. Jack
  145. Trixie
  146. Arven
  147. Emma
  148. Bunny
  149. Celia
  150. Dicey
  151. Iris
  152. Latte
  153. Bean
  154. Picasso
  155. Swift
  156. Flora
  157. Jamie
  158. Blaze
  159. Trump
  160. Bond
  161. Hickory
  162. Muggle
  163. Pluto
  164. Mythic
  165. Birch
  166. Badger
  167. Mantra
  168. Pistol
  169. Chance
  170. Tucker
  171. Murphy
  172. Moose
  173. Maverick
  174. Sam
  175. Diesel
  176. Brody
  177. Claire
  178. Carly
  179. Evy
  180. Farrah
  181. Harper
  182. Flo
  183. Hannah
  184. Chant
  185. Jelly
  186. Honey
  187. Bells
  188. Jill
  189. Josie
  190. June
  191. Joy
  192. Coconut
  193. Choco
  194. Jude
  195. Clover
  196. Cookie
  197. Josie
  198. Della
  199. Precious
  200. Prime
  201. Rocco
  202. Dolly
  203. Daphne
  204. Rome
  205. Cuddles
  206. Cheese
  207. Ray
  208. Rugby
  209. Pudding
  210. Chip
  211. Cora
  212. Justice
  213. Juno
  214. Jazzy
  215. Java
  216. Chilly
  217. Gadget
  218. Flow
  219. Call
  220. Eva
  221. Christian
  222. Clay
  223. Justin
  224. Ella
  225. Hawk
  226. Gaze
  227. Feather
  228. Conan
  229. Grey
  230. Darcy
  231. Marlotte
  232. Wine
  233. Pastry
  234. Hummus
  235. Ari
  236. Shadow
  237. Rex
  238. Simba
  239. Thor
  240. Spark
  241. Cloud
  242. Biege
  243. Sage
  244. Fern
  245. Haven
  246. Idyll
  247. Lainey
  248. Dette
  249. Diana
  250. Audrey
  251. Ruby
  252. Seven
  253. Edith
  254. Land
  255. Grass
  256. Scotch
  257. Bisko
  258. Melody
  259. Fable
  260. Fawn
  261. Zelda
  262. Arrow
  263. Rhode
  264. Jan
  265. Nino
  266. Derek
  267. Hozier
  268. Styles
  269. Church
  270. Knight
  271. Home
  272. Ember
  273. Ivory
  274. Joe
  275. Set
  276. Rob
  277. Jar
  278. Dream
  279. Austen
  280. Woods
  281. Blue
  282. Hazel
  283. Wilde
  284. Keys
  285. Kaitlin
  286. Del
  287. Arcane
  288. Millen
  289. Anous
  290. Vito
  291. Mode
  292. Oslo
  293. Rio
  294. Zaire
  295. Everest
  296. Rael
  297. Ames
  298. Kia
  299. Owen
  300. Bike
  301. Acre

These were some handpicked, personally recommend names, we tried to include as much as possible in one go but ! But! But! There’s more. In the next list, we’ll include some fiction-inspired names, that will strengthen the chances of you not exiting disappointed from our site. Beforehand, let’s dive into another very commonly raised query, let’s jump in ‘Hows’. Now that you have read the importance of ‘Giving your pet a name, let’s dig a little deeper! In the next few lines, we’ll give you a short manual of things to keep in mind while naming your pet and how you can help them pick their names more efficiently and effectively.

How do you name your Pet Better?

Without further a do, let’s dive into it.

Precisely Chosen

A name that is chosen wisely is always a great name. By precise here, we mean that you shouldn’t just go for random names, or even with a name that seems to be far too out of vocabulary for yourselves. It should be a blend of ‘not so common’ yet not so complicated names. Choose wisely and accurately. Keeping in mind if your pet will easily grasp on the name or not, you’ll get a fair expected chance of choosing the right one. Don’t over haste things for your pet but at the same, don’t feel like you haven’t got any ‘OPTIONS’, just make sure that you’re maintaining the “fine balance” in between.

Get to know your pet

If you don’t want to rush things off and you are the kind of people who love to get it done in their own sweet time. This is the point you shouldn’t skip, it’s actually designed just for you. Get to know your pet, you don’t have to speed up the process and jump on ‘Naming’ them as soon as you get them. Take a week, sit with them, learn about their personal traits if you can and then you can give them their identity, taking it slow isn’t always a bad idea anyway!

Make it FUN!

Through a ‘name’ ceremony party, bring a cake for your pet, or maybe some cookies? Or candies would do great as well. Whatever environment you choose to make for your pet is what they’ll grasp on and take with them forever. So don’t just sit there, thinking in your mind what name you’ve decided. Show up for it!

Show them that you care enough for them to stretch and the lines and strengthen the bond.


Most mistakes people make after choosing the right fit is to call their pet in an experimental manner. Let’s say, you just bought a fox for yourself, and you name it Alex, you won’t go around doing your chores just calling your pet for no reasons, but that doesn’t mean you won’t call him once in a day. That’s where reciprocation comes in play, making your pet learn a thing comes with all the dedication. The reason why you need to put certainly more efforts than your pet in it’s initial stages is because that is what mould them to reciprocate and revert back to your command.

Find something comfortable

Your comfort level Is what would set the vibe here, choosing a name that is way too out of vocabulary that you usually use might prove to be a little hasty, instead choose a name that matches your requirements with a touch of ease. Trust us, this will only make you feel more enthusiastic to call upon your little rescuer and on the other hand, will speed up the learning process of yourself. Now, who doesn’t want a cake and EAT IT TOO?

Understand Comprehension

Another common mistake new pet owners make is ‘Thinking they owned the pet the moment they completed purchase”, remember, it’s what you’ve done for economic purposes, you still have to learn to be comprehensive with your pet so that they can later on count upon you. If it’s been a while since you’re trying to make your pet learn this new ‘sound’ and he’s still not grasping on it, it might be the time to explore a little few options and taking in consideration other cool names out there. This comprehensive nature will be much appreciated by your pet because they are wild animals and nothing eases them as much as you being able to come to the terms with them. On the top of all, it really enables you to learn about your pet behavioural patterns and how easy they can pick up on new things. Ultimately it will be prove to a great lesson for you on this journey and that’s exactly what we want, isn’t it?

Those we’re a few little tips, which might prove to be helpful while you embark upon this totally amazing pathway.

Coming back to what we committed, previously, here’s a list of fiction-inspired names.

61 Fictional Names for your pet Fox

  1. Basil, A Puppet
  2. Sebastian, Meet The Feeblest
  3. Fellow, The Fox
  4. Fiona, Sonic The Hedgehog
  5. Freddy and Ferdie, Fredie and Ferdie Fox
  6. Joria, Tom from Jori, Tom and Pana by Marten Toonder
  7. Ozy and Millie
  8. Renato from Andrea Romoli’s comic strip
  9. Sly from Slylock Fox & Comics for Kids
  10. Tails, from Sonic the Hedgehog
  11. Vlop, title character in a Dutch comic strip by Ronald Sinoo
  12. Femme from Aggretsuko
  13. Fibber, from Yakky Doodle
  14. Freddy, a character in Peppa Pig
  15. Fushia, a secretary who has more sense than her boss in Animalia
  16. Mimi, a vixen in Bucky O’Hare
  17. Muggy
  18. George, the fox from Of Fox and Hounds
  19. Nick in Disney’s Zootopia
  20. Pablo, the little Red Fox
  21. Rita, young vixen in Jungledyret Hugo
  22. Ponchi from Shaman King
  23. Robin and Maid in Disney’s Robin Hood
  24. Swiper, a fox in Dora the Explorer
  25. Scarlett, from the magazine Ranger Cycle
  26. Reddy, in the stories of Thornton Burgess
  27. Jaycee, in the Catfish Bend series by Ben Lucien Burman
  28. Nelson and Vince, from Mongrels
  29. Nick, in Disney’s Zootopia
  30. Shippo, a young fox demon
  31. Tod from Disney’s The Fox and the Hound
  32. Vux from Vuk, based on the eponymous novel
  33. Foxy, The Pirate and Mangle from the Five Nights at Freddy’s.
  34. Carmelita, a female fox in Sly Cooper
  35. Psych, a fox in Persona 4 who is a part of the social links
  36. Snap, a hybrid fox in crash of Titans
  37. Reddy, a fictional character
  38. Henny Penny
  39. Bunny, from The Bunny Fox
  40. Slylock, from Slylock Fox and Comics for Kids
  41. Toby,‘ The Goodness in God’
  42. Rex, ‘King’
  43. Oreo, ‘Mountain, gold”
  44. Ranger, “ forest protector”
  45. Rusty, ‘Brunette’
  46. Semi, Sam In Pogo
  47. Youko, fox demons In Japanese Mythology
  48. Kiya, fox spirits the strongest being a nine – tailed fox
  49. Jing, a Chinese Mythology
  50. Paris, Leah’s pet purple fox on the Canadian – American animated series ‘Shimmer and Shine’
  51. Nano, is tiny kitsune from Ask Dr. Rin
  52. Doo, a fox from Muggy – Doo
  53. Fibber Fox in Yankee Doodle
  54. Renato, from Andrea Romoli’ s comic Strip
  55. Ozy and Millie
  56. Reynard the fox from the magazine Reynard Cycle
  57. Lowie, a short character name of Loweieke de Vos in De Fabeltjeskrant
  58. Carmel, a short name of Carmelita Fox, a female fox in Sly Cooper
  59. Corrie, from Tales of Symphonia
  60. Cloud, a fox from Star fox series
  61. Rif , from a series named as Inherit the Earth : Quest for the Orb.

End of the list for the day, but hey! We’ll come up with more interesting stuff right here. First things first, our priorities are always to get you covered from the hindrances you might feel while naming your pet. That’s exactly all that matters here. Second, if you liked the concept we are trying to cater to, don’t forget to be a little loose with the support you bring in, which helps us get just the apt motivation to keep going. In the meantime, we really hope you go through the insights and recommendations we have shared and find something fulfilling in it.

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