400+ Bulldog Names for Your Amazing Puppy

A bulldog is the original breed of dog used in Britain to protect against bulls. This name is used for many breeds of dogs because they have stocky bodies and short legs with drooping ears. The head of the Bulldog is wide, with a bulging forehead, and it has a distinctive snout that is shorter than its head. Bulldogs are not aggressive towards other dogs or people as long as they are treated with respect. They get along well with children while being careful around smaller animals such as cats and rabbits.

  • Height: up to 25 inches (63.5 cm)
  • Weight: up to 50 pounds (23 kg)
  • Size: body length: 22–26 in (56–66 cm)
  • Head length: 7.5–8.5 in (19–21 cm)

History of Bulldogs:

The first bull-baiting dogs were brought from England to the United States in 1619. They were accepted as a sport, and when dog fighting became illegal, these bulldogs were bred with terriers to create a new breed called the pit bull. Bulldogs became popular as pets when the Rocket Dog was created at Madison Square Garden in 1897. Breeding has produced many different types of Bulldog over the years, including miniature and toy varieties appropriate for living in an apartment or other small space.

Region of Bulldog:

The first bulldogs were used in England to bring bulls to breeding and butchering. The dogs are now used as guard animals on farms or as family pets. There are several breeds of Bulldog:

American Bulldog: This breed has a relatively long head, a long body, and drooping ears. It was developed in North America from interbreeding Bull Terriers, Bulldogs, Old English Bulldogs, and Pit Bull Terriers. These dogs have very short coats that can be black, white, or fawn. The American Bulldog is used to guard property and has been known to kill other animals attacking its owner or its herd of cattle.

English Bulldog: The English Bulldogs are bred from Bulldog and the Olde English Bulldogge. These dogs have short, flat muzzles and floppy ears that hang close to their heads. Their coat is fast and can be any color, but they are most commonly fawn or red with white markings.

French Bulldog: The French Bulldogs, also known as “Petit Bouledogue Francais,” was bred by crossing the Toy Bulldog with French Terriers to make a dog with a smaller head than the English Bulldog. They often come in tan and brindle coloring, but they can also be found in black or white.

Irish Bulldog: These dogs have a long, narrow head and short, short legs. They come in a wide range of colors and are easily distinguished as Irish by their red coats with tan spots. The Irish Terrier was bred in Ireland to hunt wolves.

Miniature Bulldog:  The American Miniature Bulldog was created by breeding smaller Bulldogs, American Bulldogs, and Poodles to make a version of the English Bulldog that weighed under 20 pounds (9 kg). These dogs are often kept as pets because they behave like small bulldogs, and they are good with children and fit nicely into apartments or other small living spaces.

Best Bulldog Names

Now it’s time to see the best bulldog names in the world overall!

  •   Alpha
  •   Brutus
  •   Bentley
  •   Buster
  •   Champ
  •   Duke
  •   Caesar
  •   Grammar
  •   Poppy
  •   Lulu
  •   Ginger
  •   Scout
  •   Whiskey
  •   Finnick
  •   Olive
  •   Maxie
  •   Poppy
  •   Nelson
  •   Virgilious
  •   Lulu
  •   Jax
  •   Coco
  •   Silver
  •   Macaroni
  •   Libby
  •   Miko
  •   Charmaine
  •   Elsa
  •   Eloise
  •   Fowler
  •   Calvin
  •   Gus
  •   Callibaetes
  •   Jasmine
  •   Russian
  •   Maximus
  •   Igor
  •   Baxter
  •   Charlie
  •   Captain
  •   Diesel
  •   Gobi
  •   Pepper
  •   Bailey
  •   Jasper
  •   Harley
  •   Hercules
  •   Hunter
  •   JoJo
  •   Scarlett
  •   Princess
  •   Buddy
  •   Sophie
  •   Louise
  •   Bunny
  •   Buddy
  •   Pamela
  •   Charli
  •   Fiona
  •   Kestrel
  •   Mia
  •   Olivette
  •   Sofia
  •   Sophie
  •   Thalia
  •   Maggie Mae
  •   Zizi
  •   Lilly
  •   Roxy
  •   Biscuit
  •   Rebel
  •   Phoenix
  •   Roxie
  •   Skittles
  •   Tessa
  •   Teddy
  •   Tucker
  •   Daisy Mae
  •   JoJo
  •   Brandy
  •   Roxie
  •   Belle
  •   Boomer
  •   Boone
  •   Bonnie
  •   Bodie
  •   Bolt
  •   Bonnie Blue
  •   Brady
  •   Brandy Jane
  •   Brandy Bear

Famous Bulldog Names

  •   Asker (Rascal the German shepherd Dog)
  •   Buster (the Mastiff)
  •   Charlie (the Great Dane)
  •   Chinatown (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Duke (the Bulldog)
  •   Freckles (the Bull Terrier)
  •   Ginger (the Labrador Retriever)
  •   Gunnar (the German Shepherd Dog)
  •   Jax (an American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Kane (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Lucky (the Labrador Retriever)
  •   Max (the Golden Retriever)
  •   Mishka (the Siberian Husky)
  •   Monty (an American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Panda (the Siberian Husky)
  •   Roxie (the Chihuahua/ Jack Russell Terrier mix)
  •   Pauley (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Sandy (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Sapphire (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Ting-a-Ling (a Chow Chow/Mixed Shepherd Dog)
  •   Tikka (the Indian Bushdog)
  •   Toto (the Bull Terrier)
  •   Wampa (the Alaskan Husky)
  •   Willy (the American Pit Bull Terrier mix)
  •   Princess (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Quorra (the Labrador Retriever)
  •   Sasha (the American Pit Bull Terrier)
  •   Sebastian (the Labrador Retriever)
  •   Whiskers (a Cairn Terrier)
  •   Zuul (an American Pit Bully)

Popular Bulldog Names

  •   Cuddle Pup
  •   Bully
  •   Ginger
  •   Neville
  •   Jasper
  •   Ripper
  •   Stony
  •   Gentle Giant
  •   Nirvana
  •   Cutey Bear
  •   Betsy
  •   Gorgeous
  •   Blaze
  •   Cookie
  •   Charmer
  •   Teddy Bear
  •   Fitzroy
  •   Bailey
  •   Sunshine
  •   Bailey
  •   Buddy
  •   Lucky
  •   Prince

Best Male Bulldog Names

  •   Chew
  •   Duke
  •   Gentleman
  •   Charlie
  •   Blackie
  •   Freckles
  •   Streatham Duke
  •   Ruffian
  •   Buster
  •   Bert
  •   Fido
  •   Duncan
  •   Bordercollie
  •   Sniffer
  •   Waggy Doggy
  •   Chewy
  •   Mighty
  •   Einstein
  •   Gaspode
  •   Flopsy
  •   Rascal
  •   Porky
  •   Bumble B
  •   Jaws
  •   Kenny
  •   Buster
  •   Willy Wonka
  •   Gracie
  •   Freckles
  •   Fitzroy
  •   Bailey

Female Bulldog Names

  •   Bluebell
  •   Champion Doggie
  •   Teddy Bear
  •   Bruiser
  •   Chewy Beary Doggie
  •   Gladys
  •   Champion Doggie
  •   Teddy Bear
  •   Bojo Buckwheat
  •   Magnolia
  •   Bruiser Bug
  •   Bossy Bug
  •   Archie
  •   Buddy
  •   Bailey
  •   Dodger
  •   Furry
  •   Spot
  •   Taffy
  •   Chip
  •   Bobo
  •   Spotty
  •   Softy
  •   Cuddles

Cute Bulldog Names

  •   Hercules
  •   Chewy
  •   Kiddo  
  •   Sugar Puff
  •   Sissy
  •   Pudgy Piggy
  •   Peachy
  •   Fizzable Doggie
  •   Creme Brulee Doggie
  •   Randy
  •   Ramble
  •   Soldier
  •   Simba
  •   Bacon
  •   Maxwell
  •   Scout
  •   Bubbles
  •   Doggie 
  •   Barky  
  •   Chunder Bully
  •   Grizzly Bear
  •   Socks  
  •   Ricky

Good Bulldog Names

  •   Buster
  •   Milo
  •   Maxwell
  •   Scout
  •   Bingo
  •   Giant
  •   Shorty
  •   Toby
  •   Winston
  •   Buddy
  •   Milo
  •   Fitzroy
  •   Freckles
  •   Scout  
  •   Taffy
  •   Rambo
  •   Whiskers
  •   Budgie Pickles
  •   Rascal
  •   Blackie
  •   Gruffy Bear
  •   Bruno
  •   Buck
  •   Ginger
  •   Freckles
  •   Gus
  •   Winston
  •   Waggy Doggy
  •   Chewy
  •   Spotty Doggy
  •   Bumby Beary
  •   Chubby
  •   Gumby
  •   Boxer
  •   Bongo
  •   Grizzly Bear
  •   Minnie Mouse
  •   Beary  
  •   Rambo
  •   Rambo
  •   Buster
  •   Jaws
  •   Woody Beary
  •   Bruiser
  •   Buddy
  •   Cuddles
  •   Waggy Doggy
  •   Freckles
  •   Buster
  •   Coconut
  •   Ginger Nuts Giant
  •   Teddy Winnie Bear
  •   Toffee Beary
  •   Punkin Head
  •   Chewy
  •   Rambo
  •   Giant
  •   Bruiser
  •   Bites Whiskers
  •   Shorty
  •   Grizzly Bear

Funny Bulldog Names

  •   Reviews
  •   Gentleman
  •   Wilbur
  •   Bashful
  •   Ebb Tide
  •   Toffee Bear
  •   Teddy  
  •   Waggy Doggy
  •   Bojo
  •   Bruiser
  •   Chewy Beary
  •   Gentleman
  •   Ebb Tide
  •   Jake
  •   Ruger
  •   Milo
  •   Chewy
  •   Titan
  •   Bruno
  •   Coconut
  •   Taffy-Tail
  •   Milo
  •   Jake
  •   Grizzly Bear 
  •   Rambo
  •   Popcorn
  •   Grumpy
  •   Buddy
  •   Spotty
  •   Fuzzy  
  •   Whiskers
  •   Ebb Tide
  •   Giant
  •   Bashful
  •   Fuzzy  
  •   Grumpy Bear 
  •   Titan 
  •   Rambo
  •   Buddy
  •   Jake
  •   Jasper
  •   Nipper
  •   Playful
  •   Teddy
  •   Chug
  •   Pa
  •   Smokey

American Bulldog Names

  • Buddy
  • Teddy  
  • Tugboat
  • Doodlebug
  • Damien Dog
  • Happenstance
  • Scrappy Doggy
  • Justin Doggie
  • Hood Hoodie Doggie
  • Killer Bulldoggy
  • Little Man Doggie
  • Muffin
  • Scrappy Bug
  • Tuffy Bug
  • Tuggles (male)
  • Muffins (female)
  • English Bulldog Names:
  • Bert
  • Hercules
  • Honeybee
  • Bluebell
  • Champion Doggie
  • Teddy Bear
  • Bruiser
  • Chewy Beary Doggie – Male name
  • Chewy Beary Doggie – Female name
  • Gladys
  • Champion
  • Buddy
  • Chewy Beary
  • Teddy Bear

Noisy Bulldog Names

  • Boomerang
  • Bone Crusher
  • Henchman Doggy
  • The Hulk Doggy
  • Bossy  
  • Loudmouth
  • Devil Doggie (old)
  • Barking Gorilla
  • Noisy Doggy
  • Whoot Doggy (old)


What is a good name for a Bulldog?

A good name for a Bulldog is a unique and smart name, and a unique name that is not too common can be good. That is what more people want in their dog, which other dogs do not use. Other good names are “Jake,” “Jack,” “Buddy.” Some popular prefixes that people use with their dog’s names include “Junior,” “Buddy,” and “Champ.”

What should I call my Bulldog?

You should give him a name which he will respond to easily, and you can do this as soon as he joins your family. You should also make sure that the name does not sound too harsh for him or hurt his self-esteem if you call him names like ‘scoundrel’ or’ thief’ or something of the sort.

What names do other people like on Bulldog?

People who have bulldogs call their dogs by these names: Jack, Jock, Buddy, Billy, Jack-Jack, Topper, Tipper, Buster, Joey, Biscuit, Brandy, Baby.

Is it good to call a dog by its name every time I see him?

Dogs respond well to being called by their names. If you call your dog by his name, he will be pleased that you have remembered his name, and he will feel like he is special because YOU have recognized something about him. You should try and use the same tone of voice every time you say their name so that this does not confuse them.

What are the Categories of bulldogs?

The three main categories of bulldogs are bully, standard, and miniature. The two most popular bulldogs are the American Bulldog and the English Bulldog. The American Bulldog appears in a wide range of colors, including white with patches of fawn or brindle; black with patches of fawn or brindle; all white; all black; black with white chest markings and brown nose; greyish-brown, tan, or black with white patches; red, blue merle (grey with blue eyes) and solid red.

Why do people call their bulldogs ‘Jack’?

The best reason they give is that they like it because ‘Jack’ is such a nice name and sounds very gentle and nice. It is short, very much like friendly dogs. They say it is also a fabulously ancient name, and not every dog has this name.

What is the meaning of Bulldog?

Bulldog means a kind of dog used in Britain to protect against bulls. This name is used for many breeds of dogs because they have stocky bodies and short legs with drooping ears. The head of the Bulldog is wide, with a bulging forehead, and it has a distinctive snout that is shorter than its head. Bulldogs are not aggressive towards other dogs or people as long as they are treated with respect. They get along well with children while being careful around smaller animals such as cats and rabbits.

Is it ok to have a funny name for my dog?

Yes, you should give your dog an unusual name as this will attract attention to you and make him stand out in a good way. There is a name for every dog, and these are cute. You can call your dog, Ditzie or Zippor, or you may also consider words like “Puppy” and “Nugget.”

What if I don’t have the money to buy a bulldog?

You can sacrifice one of your other dogs instead, and however, make sure that there is not much difference between both dogs. If you have to give away one of them, you should reconsider it because the dog will feel sad, and the other dog might get very jealous about this.

What should I name my puppy?

There are so many names for puppies, and each one of them is unique. You must have already thought about a name for your puppy; if you haven’t, this is why we have made this article. There are one hundred different names for puppies, and some of them are unique and original. If you’re having trouble coming up with a name, let us help you by telling you what your baby can be named.

What is the longevity of a bulldog?

The average longevity is between 10 and 15 years, and this range depends on their health and how well-bred they are, and their overall health conditions. A less healthy dog can have a longer lifespan than a healthier one with more desirable characteristics that can extend the life of your dog to nearly twenty years.

Is there any difference between Bulldog and Boxer?

Although both breeds have similar characteristics, there is a little different in size, weight, and personality. The most obvious difference you can see is that boxers are smaller than their bulldog counterparts, and another difference is that bulldogs will sit on their hind legs and cuddle you while fighters never do. One more thing is that the Bulldogs are usually more aggressive than a boxer.

Can Bulldogs live inside/outside?

This depends on their climate, but most of them prefer to stay outdoors because they are not known to be very friendly, so they keep away any threats by playing a lot with people and other pets. The Bulldog will be mostly found in the countryside areas instead of city living, though both can live in each environment provided they have the necessary living space.

Are Bulldog friendly animals?

Yes, absolutely! Bulldogs are very friendly animals, and they make excellent pets for children and other pets. While bulldogs are not aggressive by nature, they are still dogs and need to be trained. Bulldog temperament is very loyal, playful, and full of energy. They can be considered the perfect family pet. If you have more than one child in the home, Bulldog would be a great choice for you to consider.

What’s the difference between English and American bulldogs?

There are several significant differences between the English and American bulldogs, including size, appearance; health, personality, life expectancy; weight, grooming, and cost of ownership. There are some things about one that does not apply to the other. These are not hard and fast rules, however, and the best way to tell when making a decision is to match the dog with the lifestyle you have in mind.

How many were born at a time?

The average number of puppies born at a time is 5-6.

Are bulldogs injured easily?

Bulldogs are robust dogs, and they normally do not get injured easily. However, they can fall because they have big heads that could be damaged if they fall in the wrong way or at the wrong angle. It will take longer to heal if a significant injury, while smaller wounds can be recovered quickly.

How fast do bulldogs grow?

Bulldog puppies are known to grow extremely quickly, with the fastest-growing puppies gaining their first teeth between two and seven weeks old. The growth spurt is over within four to six months, and they have reached their maximum body size and weight. Male Bulldogs will be larger than females when fully grown, and the bigger they are, the heavier they will be.

Are bulldogs good guard dogs?

Yes! Bulldogs are very territorial, and it would not be strange if one were to attack any stranger that stepped inside your property without permission or knowledge of you or your dog. They are very protective and will put themselves between you and danger at all times. Bulldogs can be very good guard dogs, even though they don’t have a lot of bulk and strength. They are known for their aggressive nature and, if trained properly, could become reliable watchdogs for the whole family.

What does a bulldog’s temperament look like?

Bulldogs tend to be very friendly toward strangers and children but become more defensive as they get older and stronger. They may become easily angered by other dogs or other animals on the property. They will also bark frequently, although it can frighten unsuspecting visitors who do not know about their reputation as guard dogs.

What Food Bulldog Eat?

Bulldogs are not picky eaters, though they cannot tolerate just any food. These dogs should be fed a high-quality diet, including substantial protein levels and other essential nutrients. If a bulldog becomes obese or does not receive the right amount of nutrients, he will become prone to many health issues related to his weight.

What exercise do bulldogs need?

Bulldogs love to play, but they can’t run fast and long like other breeds, so they don’t need intense workouts or too much physical activity regularly. However, you must walk your dog every day for about 15–20 minutes daily for their physical and mental health.

Final thoughts

When choosing a name for your new bulldog puppy, don’t give him a common name because he isn’t a normal dog. The first thing that you must think about is the word’s pronunciation and make sure that everyone easily pronounces it. Next, the title should be easy to remember and not too long. If it is too long, you will have to shorten or abbreviate it when necessary. I hope this information has helped you understand Bulldog Names and will help you pick out a great one for your new puppy so that he can have a great start in his new life with his forever family! Good luck.

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